Crisis strains collaboration at SC

[UPDATED] At approximately 10 a.m., Secretary General Mikaela Perez made an emergency visit to the SC, informing them of a possible attack by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on the Korean peninsula.

To provide delegates from the 19th Benilde Model UN Security Council (SC) with the chance to demonstrate their negotiating skills and collaborative efforts, a worst-case scenario was simulated by the Secretariat and the Dais: nuclear war.

Intel reports confirmed that the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China had pledged their support to the DPRK, and the United States to South Korea.

Aside from agreeing to summon the Delegate from the DPRK from the General Assembly for further questioning, the SC failed to respond satisfactorily to the crisis. The inability to reach a consensus among the P-5 countries was due to the disagreement within the committee, with Russian Federation heading the opposition.

The situation however was somewhat de-escalated upon strong admonishments  from the Delegate of United States of America to “withdraw all troops and equipment from the arena of battle,” at which the powers complied.

Written by: Mark Recto

Photos by: Ryan Feliciano