General Assembly caps off conference with three resolutions

The General Assembly may have been delayed in reaching quorum on the third day of the conference, July 14, 2017, but the body was able to successfully push for three draft resolutions to be voted for and passed as resolutions.

The day’s session was divided primarily for unmoderated caucus for the purpose of working on the draft resolutions and moderated caucus in order to give the entire body an opportunity to catch up with the progress of other working groups and have substantive debates.

The delegate of Afghanistan, one of the heads of draft resolution A/DR/19/001 emphasized the purpose of their paper which is to “empower refugees and children through education and sustaining this education, whether vocational or language as a means for giving them back their childhood from the times they had to run away,” expressed the delegate on her opening remarks. The delegate of Syria supports the resolution highlighting the necessity of education as the people of Syria fled to protect their children but even if they have avoided crisis now, their future is threatened, he also stated that prioritizing education is a means of integration to society and preserving cultural identity.

“One long standing process of designing how to transport goods, transporting meat, plants and poultry in a sealed truck, but how did poultry evolve into a 6 year old child fighting for her own life?” This statement of the Delegate of Bahrain captured the attention of the body as she discussed the purpose of A/DR/19/002 which focuses on legal assistance in the reintegration process and documentation. The working group which consists of delegates from Greece, United Arab Emirates and Norway emphasize the needs of children beyond health and education as it seeks the rehabilitation and registration of child refugees and refugee to the host state.

A/DR/19/DR003 which tackles the reintegration and rehabilitation of asylum seekers and refugees, focusing particularly on food security issues, safeguarding sanitation and inclusion through employment, is the result of merging working groups taking leadership from the delegates of France, Switzerland, Bolivia, Israel and Cyprus.

The afternoon session was marked with the transition into a voting bloc favoring all three draft resolutions forwarded as resolutions A/RES/19/001 with 60 votes, A/RES/19/002 61 favoring the resolution and A/RES/19/003 with 40 votes respectively.

Written by: Ish Dargani
Photos by : Kriston Villas and Ryan Feliciano