Security Council passes its first resolution paper

After Russia vetoed and they failed to meet the objective of the primary agenda topic, the Security Council (SC) successfully passed its first resolution paper of the second agenda on July 14 at the 3rd Floor Simulation Room, Mutien Building of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

The SC started their third day by proceeding with the second agenda topic which is “Combatting Global Terrorist Financial Networks”. The thirteen delegates present called for an unmoderated caucus afterwards and lobbied to a decision to be as one working group. They then began drafting their working paper and it was recognized before the afternoon session.

It was agreed upon among the Member States to make Egypt and Senegal spearhead the working paper. Lev Jenwin Ramboyong, chair of the committee, said, “Yesterday, we had the P5 members very actively engaging with the topic; they were the ones who sponsored the paper. But now, it’s more of the developing countries– the non-permanent members. I think they were thinking about that it’s better for them to be the ones who would get more involved with the topic because they are the going to be the more affected ones. So I guess it’s their time to shine in this committee session”.

After rounds of speeches from the speaker’s list, moderated, and unmoderated caucuses, the participants finished their draft resolution paper and presented it to the Dais, who recognized it subsequently.

The committee moved to voting bloc and the decision was unanimous– the Security Council passed its very first resolution paper.

“First of all, this has been the first resolution paper that has been passed in the three days that we’ve been operating in the Security Council. Actually, we had two draft resolution papers that didn’t pass in the first topic and this is actually the first resolution that has been passed and has been unanimously voted among the council. So as one of the head sponsors of this, together with Senegal, we feel very proud that everyone did, in fact, vote for our resolution paper,” said Patricia Cruz, representative of Egypt. “In terms of the topic, we created resolutions that would first have transparency among all Member States. Also, there has been a resolution for the creation of financial intelligence units, especially to those member states who do not have FIUs existing in their member states. To those who do have FIUs, they have pledged to help and assist those members who do not have it. The third main goal of our resolution is surveillance of illicit trades including luxury goods, drugs, and all illegal substances written on our final paper. And, finally, monitoring digital currencies (as it is used by terrorist groups as of the present). It’s something that’s very pivotal and helpful towards these terrorist groups because they are able to work without actually having to use actual money.”

A crisis also occurred during their morning session. Bolivia detected a movement of large amounts of money in suspicious accounts allegedly owned by the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS supporters. Then, they realized that terrorists have acquired high level technology from the money they got. From there, a series of events happened such as Middle East declaring martial law, Cyber Critical Infrastructure in EU regions shutting down (e.g. communication, internet, etc.), China closing borders and stopping international trade, and the likes.

Things escalated quickly as high-level officials gets taken as hostage while cyber security-firewalls have been bypassed by terrorist agents. Terrorists now have access to Nuclear codes and is initiating a nuclear strike on all major cities. Not long after that INTERPOL and CTC agents discovered that it was the government opposition in Russia who orchestrated the attack. Because of that, P5 nuclear warheads have been launched and doomsday begins in t-minus 8 minutes.

There were panic amongst the delegates, but they handled the crisis well with much diplomacy and resolved the problem by persuading the P5 members to self-destruct their missiles while in mid-air.

The meeting was adjourned until the next BenildeMUN and the delegates were just waiting for the International Night that will happen on the same day, 6PM at the ARG Theater.

Written by: JP Sium
Photos by : Kriston Villas and Ryan Feliciano