Decorum among the delegates is lifted during the 19th BenildeMUN International Night

There was definitely no decorum throughout the international night that started 6:30 PM last July 14, 2017, as the delegates gather and receive awards for their excellence during the committee sessions. They enjoyed dancing their night away to commemorate the end of their hard work in this 3-day conference at the ARG Theater in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

In between entertaining performances from the participants and organizers alike was the awarding ceremony per committee. There were two awards up for grabs which are the ‘Outstanding Position Paper’ and ‘Outstanding Delegate Award’. The list of winners are as follows:

Economic and Social Council
Outstanding Position Paper
Mary Allysa Santos – The Islamic State of Afghanistan
Chloe Padel – Federative Republic of Brazil
Outstanding Delegate Award
Cesca Balasbas – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Alec Skeet Makabali – Somalia

World Health Organization
Outstanding Position Paper
Elisa Sanchez – Kingdom of Sweden
Krystine Hazel Hernandez – Republic of Korea
Outstanding Delegate Award
Sean Francis Hinolan – Central African Republic
Chloe Gian Jundez – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

UN Security Council
Outstanding Position Paper
Hannah Alcomendas – French Republic
Outstanding Delegate Award
Jethro Lacsamana – People’s Republic of China

Special Political and Decolonization Committee
Outstanding Position Paper
Francene Nicole Vivero – Japan
James Israel Garcia – Kingdom of Norway
Catherine Marasigan – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Outstanding Delegate Award
Ivan Jules Capin – Republic of Finland
Francene Nicole Vivero – Japan

UN General Assembly
Outstanding Position Paper
Mitzi Caryl Encarnacion – Kingdom of Bahrain
Christine Desolong – Georgia
Freya Fernandez – Republic of Lithuania
Outstanding Delegate Award
Keano Lewis Santos – Republic of Italy
Angeli Alyssa Andan – Republic of Estonia

International Night is the common culminating activity in Model United Nations. Klayton Valenzuela, the Deputy Secretary-General of the 19th BenildeMUN, was the one who organized this much-awaited segment. He believes that this part of the program is just as important as the event-proper, because it’s also vital to socialize with other delegates outside of the simulation room to really get to know other culture. The theme that Valenzuela came up with reflects on his own advocacies, which is to promote gender equality. Even though the Pride Month was held last June, he believes that it’s something worth celebrating all-year round. “Solidarity is our objective in all of our social events this 19th BMUN and I think there’s no better way of doing it than embracing people with love from one another regardless of gender identity, gender preference, and gender orientation,” he said.

19th BenildeMUN Deputy Secretary General, Klayton Valenzuela

“It was not my first time organizing an event, but it felt like one all over again. The Opening Plenary received a lot of commendation from faculty, guests, and school administrators so everyone was expecting for the International Night to be as good, if not better, as the latter one. The difficult part in organizing a social event like this is the coordination of all the elements–lights effects, sound, tech booth and AVP control. The preparation was really tough with only two and a half hours as preparation time including the setup and dry run (plus the earthquake drill that [consumed] significant amount of time). But seeing the delegates and the CDA community dancing their enjoyment out is more than enough to wipe out the exhaustion. I hope everyone had a blast, including the Secretariat, Dais and staff,” Valenzuela added when asked about what he felt about the entirety of his project.

Throughout the whole night, it was evident that people were enjoying as they danced to the beats of different songs from around the globe, sang along to performances by talented delegates, and simply enjoying each other’s company that surely strengthened friendship and blossomed new ones–especially the Senior High students and first-timers!

“My BMUN experience was very challenging and fun at the same time,” said Arienne Evangelista a Senior High student who joined her first MUN.

Senior High School student, Arienne Evangelista

Gaby Santos, a CDA major in Benilde who is also a first-timer, had a memorable time with her friends and blockmates. “It was really stressful at first because I didn’t know what was happening. When we reached the second day, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I got shocked especially with the crisis; I didn’t know what to do! I was relying on the other delegates, but I realized I had to step up and I had to do something about it. So I decided to approach other working groups in order to get the work done and, luckily, our committee was able to submit a resolution on time– it wasn’t perfect, but at least we were able to submit something,” said Santos.

Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student, Gaby Santos

A Diplomatic Dinner that formally ended BenildeMUN was held last Saturday, July 15, 2017, from 6pm-12 midnight, at the Diamond Hotel.


Written by: JP Sium

Photos by: Ryan Feliciano and Kriston Villas