What is BenildeMUN?

BenildeMUN is a three-day simulation of the operations in the United Nations in the form of a conference. It aims to enhance and engage students in the field of diplomacy by fostering comprehensive exercise and development of the students’ diplomatic skills and practices.

For the 20th Benilde Model United Nations, the theme is “BRIDGING INTERGENERATIONAL GAP THROUGH GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP”

For the past decades, international and transnational issues continuously surface and affect the security and stability of all generations. The call for international participation to address the contemporary and emerging issues is vital to generate sustainable solutions in a multidimensional approach considering the rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT). However, the existing generational disparity remains to be an alarming factor that contributes to the urgency of youth as partners and significant actors in attaining sustainable development.

In celebration of the 20th year of the Benilde Model United Nations, delegates must foster equitable solutions and strengthen international cooperation to link the gap between generations to solve the problems that divide peoples, nations, and cultures.