1. Senior High School students from any school
  2. Undergraduate students of any program from any institution inside and outside the Philippines
  3. Individuals who graduated within the last 6 months
July 18-20, 2018
The registration fee is inclusive of the delegates kit, the food during the conference, BenildeMUN shirt and the fee for the International Night.
  1. For Benildeans, once you received your confirmation email you may proceed to the Accounting Office for your payment.
  2. For non Benildeans, once you received your confirmation email, you may proceed to pay at any UCPB Branch and fill up the yellow receipt with the following details. (see picture below for reference)

For both Benildeans and non Benildeans, you can send your receipt/deposit slip with your ID NUMBER (for Benildeans)/SCHOOL (for non-Benildeans), FULL NAME and CONTACT NUMBER to benildemun@benilde.edu.ph
No, you will not yet be listed as a delegate for the conference. You must first be able to pay for the registration fee and send a copy of the receipt/deposit slip to benildemun@benilde.edu.ph
It depends on the availability of your chosen country and committee and on the deliberation of the Secretariat.
Wait for the confirmation email and follow the instructions stated there.